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Alexandria, Virginia Parks


Alexandria, Virginia has several parks providing visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy walking, picnicking, relaxing and participating in all kinds of sports activities. Here is a guide to the parks in Alexandria.

Cameron Run Regional Park
4001 Eisenhower Ave. Alexandria, Virginia.
Cameron Run is a regional park with a miniature golf course, picnic areas, Great Waves Water Park, and a 2-acre lake with fishing.

Fort Ward Park
4401 West Braddock Road, Alexandria, Virginia.
Fort Ward Park is the home of the Fort Ward Museum and a 41.4 acre historic park. The land was used as a union fort from 1861-1865 to defend Washington, DC during the Civil War. Walk the grounds and you'll see cannons, underground bombproofs which sheltered 500 men, and reconstructed quarters of the high-ranking soldiers.

Huntley Meadows Park
3701 Lockheed Blvd. Alexandria, Virginia.
This 1,426 acre park is a small island with wetlands, a forest, meadows, streams and a pond. Facilities include a visitor center, wildlife observation platforms and a hike/bike trail. The park is known as a prime-birding spot.

Oronoco Bay Park
701 North Lee Street, Alexandria, Virginia.
Located along the Potomac River, this small city park was once inhabited by Indians. Today, it is a popular location for picnicking, walking, biking, and jogging. Festivals and special events are held in the park during the warmer months of the year.

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