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Spy City Tours in Washington, DC

Tour of Washington, DC’s Most Notorious Spy Sites


Take a sightseeing tour and see a different side of Washington! Spy City Tours is a city tour that began in Washington, DC in 2006. See more than 25 of Washington's most notable espionage sites used by some of the nation's infamous spies from the World Wars to the Cold War to the present.

Spy City tours will show you offices, restaurants, and hotels in Washington that have been at the center of espionage activity. This tour will guide you to famous sites like the French bistro where a seductive agent used her wiles to elicit secret information from her infatuated U.S. State Department target, as well as the pub where deadly traitor Aldrich Ames gave up the names of 25 American spies in the Soviet Union, ten of whom were subsequently executed.

Spy City Tours includes an interactive mission in which you complete an undercover operation. You are asked to decipher a top secret message left by an agent, crack the code and deliver the information back to headquarters. Tours are geared toward ages 12 and up.

Intelligence insiders share the truth about their own spy experiences and tradecraft secrets via video briefings as the tour winds its way through the city. Former KGB Major General Oleg Kalugin reveal what it was like to work undercover while stationed in Washington, DC. Former CIA Operations Officer and Founding Executive Director of the International Spy Museum, Peter Earnest, will disclose key spy concepts, lingo, and recruitment strategies. Former CIA Chiefs of Disguise, Tony and Jonna Mendez, will demonstrate the art of the "quick change" and how to move through hostile territory without attracting attention.

Spy City Tours is a new venture created by the International Spy Museum, the only public museum in the U.S solely dedicated to espionage.

Schedule, Tickets and Location

Spy City Tours depart from Union Station on Saturdays at 10a.m. Tickets are $59 and can be purchased online.

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