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Washington Navy Yard

A Visitors Guide to the Washington Navy Yard


Washington Navy Yard

Ariel View of the Washington Navy Yard

Photo courtesy of the Dept of the Navy
The Washington Navy Yard, the former shipyard for the United States Navy, serves as the home to the Chief of Naval Operations and is also headquarters for the Naval Historical Center in Washington, DC. Visitors can explore the Navy Museum and the Navy Art Gallery to learn about the Navy's history from the Revolutionary War to the present day. Although the Washington Navy Yard is off the beaten path from the rest of Washington, DC’s museums, it is one of the best attractions for families. Please note that all persons over 16 must bring a valid ID.

The Navy Museum at Washington Navy Yard offers interactive exhibits and displays naval artifacts, models, documents and fine art. Exhibits include model ships, undersea vehicles, sub periscopes, a space capsule, a decommissioned destroyer and much more. Special events are scheduled throughout the year including workshops, demonstrations, storytelling, and musical performances. The Navy Art Gallery displays the creative works of military artists.

9th and M Sts. SE, Building 76
Washington, DC

Visitors must enter the grounds at the 11th and O Street gate. The Washington Navy Yard is located along the Anacostia River near the Washington Nationals new baseball stadium. The neighborhood is in the midst of revitalization. The closest Metro station is Navy Yard. See a map

Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and 10am to 5pm on weekends and federal holidays.

Admission is free. Guided and self-guided tours are available upon request.


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