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Tiger Cubs at the National Zoo

Sumatran Tigers, An Endangered Species


Sumatran Tiger Cubs

Sumatran Tiger Cubs

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Two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the National Zoo on August 5, 2013. This is the first litter of cubs born to the Zoo's female Sumatran tiger, Damai and the 12-year-old male tiger, Kavi. The two bred several times from December 2012 through mid-April 2013. Zookeepers will monitor Damai so she can have time to bond with her cubs. The cubs will not be on exhibit for several months until they have completed a series of health exams and received all necessary vaccinations.

Three Sumatran tiger cubs were also born at the National Zoo in 2006. The cubs, one male and two females, were the sixth litter of this endangered species ever born at the Zoo and the third litter for 13-year-old tiger Soyono. Soyono was born at the National Zoo and the cubs' father, “Rokan,” was born at the San Antonio Zoo. See more pictures of the tiger cubs

Sumatran tigers are the smallest of nine tiger subspecies, three of which have already become extinct. As adults, the male cub will weigh about 265 pounds and the females about 200 pounds. Sumatran tigers are endangered; fewer than 500 are believed to exist in the tropical forests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra and 210 of them live in zoos around the world.

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