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Very Disappointed!

Reader Reviews: Reviews of the Maryland Renaissance Festival

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By Erin

Maryland Renaissance Festival

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I went as a kid and remembered the fair as a fun event, so we took our kids this year. The Renn Fair is a complete rip-off. I am not sure what the $19/adult goes to because there is nothing for free once you walk in the gate. Face painting starts at $7 for the cheek, braiding hair is more expensive, playing medieval games costs $1, playing all of the other little games (knife throwing, labryinth, etc) all cost money. Even walking through the maze is $2/person. The acts are fun to watch, but they did not hold my attention or my kids for more than 10 minutes. The "street performers" were few and far between. The only cool, free activity we found was the jousting and it was so overcrowded, we could barely see.

Definitely will not return.

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