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Damasus Y-Women - Damascus Help

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Name of Organization

Damascus Y-Women - A charity organization connected with the YWCA. We meet once a week throughout the school year to raise money and organize support for various charities in our area, ranging from womens health issues to food donations for the local pantry.

Volunteer Activity - What I do to help

I am the Secretary of the club this year, and organize monthly food donations to Damascus HELP, the pantry in our town. With the recession, families who were barely getting by are now strapped for grocery money and often go hungry. The problem of hunger is like a mountain - you conquer it one stone at a time. The women of our organization buy a small amount of food, but when grouped together it makes a big difference.


  • Get involved in something you are passionate about. It makes you feel better about yourself because of the support you give others.

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