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Reader Stories: What Does a Lobbyist Do?


Lobbyists perform an important service to the American public, advocating for special interests and seeking change through the democratic political process. However, the lobbying profession is little understood by the general public. What is a lobbyist? What do they do? If you are a lobbyist, please share your experience and help others learn more about the profession.

GolinHarris Public Affairs

At GolinHarris, as on Capitol Hill, my forte continues to be the ability to offer timely and accurate information and counsel on federal government initiatives. I have assisted local governments, com…More

Achillean International Group Inc.

My work entails reaching out to representatives and various agencies of government to ensure that my clients business needs and objectives are met. I usually use the skills of great communication. I …More

Mayberry & Associates, LLC

Most of my career has centered on monitoring Congress and several regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, CPSC, FTC) to keep abreast of what they are working on and how their actions could affect my clients. …More

Lobbying to Make Roadways Safer

Lobbying is about education and communication. You bring information to Congress that they would not receive otherwise. Expertise and knowledge are the best tools a lobbyist can have. As a lobbyist I…More

Congressional Affairs - Day & Zimmermann

Although lobbying is only a small part of my duties, it is an important one. In short, a lobbyist has the responsibility for learning a particular industry or issue as in-depth as possible, translati…More

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