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Lobbying to Make Roadways Safer

Share Your Story: What Does a Lobbyist Do?

By Laura Perrotta

Company, Organization or Industry

American Traffic Safety Services Association

How I became a lobbyist

I started out as a Capitol Hill staffer and decided to attempt to influence policy from the outside as an advocate for an organization.

An overview of my work as a lobbyist

Lobbying is about education and communication. You bring information to Congress that they would not receive otherwise. Expertise and knowledge are the best tools a lobbyist can have.

As a lobbyist I meet with Members of Congress and Hill staff on a regular basis and work to educate them on roadway safety issues. I am working to help make our roadways safer for all Americans.

Lessons Learned

I have learned that once people understand how important lobbying is to ensure that their voice is heard that they really enjoy participating in government. I love nothing more than helping people during a Capitol Hill Fly in. I love showing them how advocacy works firsthand and then taking them up to the Hill to let them educate the Members of Congress with their expertise and knowledge from their experiences back home.

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