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Small Town Experience in the City

Share Your Story: City Life with Kids - Washington DC

By Lamb

Ages of my children


What I like most about city life with kids

My city neighborhood is like a friendly small town where everyone knows everyone. The librarian knows the kids' favorite books; we always run into friends at the store; the kids' friends are in walking distance; neighbors on our street get together frequently, etc.

And I want my kids to have that aspect of the small town experience, but we have a lot more diversity and opportunity than a small town. We have all the rich cultural attractions the city has to offer so close by. The kids field trips are often on foot because there are so many worthwhile places to see close by. The learning opportunities are endless.

The biggest challenges that I have encountered include

Schools, though once you get that sorted out it's great (until your child gets to the next level and you have to start shopping for schools again). But because you really have to think and shop for the right school, it makes you think more about what you really want/expect from a school.


  • Think about schooling when you buy your house, even if your kids are little. Even if you think you will move before they hit school. But don't just think about if you're in a good school district. Paying private/parochial school tuition is easier if your mortgage isn't the maximum you can afford. And if you go the private school route then you have more choices about where in the city you can live.

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