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Reader Stories: Moving to the Washington DC Area


The Washington DC area is an especially interesting place to live since it attracts a diversity of people from around the world. Moving to any new place can be exciting as well as a bit scary. Everyone has a unique story to tell and you may gain some valuable insight by reading about experiences of those who have relocated to the Washington DC area. Share your story.

Share Your Story

From Suburban to City Life

Living in DC, particularly downtown, is exciting and fun. We feel like we are on permanent vacation and that hasn’t lessened after over three years. The biggest challenge is choosing among the …More

Moving from Ohio to Annandale, Virginia

My biggest challenge has been getting used to "big city" life. I came from a medium sized town in the Midwest. There was little cultural or ethnic diversity where I grew up. I was used to little traf…More

Moving From Florida to DC

I love the fact that I have immediate access to a great city and I'm also surrounded by beautiful nature. The main thing I dislike is the cost of housing. Rent is very expensive here in the DC area c…More

Moving to Falls Church, Virginia

Please note that these challenges are not necessarily in the order of their importance:1) Leaving my new husband. We were married just three weeks before I started my job here. He remains in Arizona.…More

Living on Capitol Hill

Hmm. The very thing that makes DC so interesting--the constant influx of new people--has a flip side, and that is that your close friends may well move away on you :-). This just happened again in my…More

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