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Readers Respond: Christmas Vacation Ideas for the Washington DC Area

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Where do you like to spend Christmas vacation? Do you like to spend a few days visiting a resort or travel destination in the Washington DC area? Share the name of the place, the location, and why its a fun place to spend the holidays. Share Your Experience


Nemacolin Woodlands in Pennsylvania has tubing, skiing, a gorgeous spa and a variety of recreational activities -- it's a nice getaway sport for the DC area and doesn't take very long to reach. Activities for everyone, including little children.
—Guest Mary

We Stay Close to Home

I worked at National Airport for a couple of years, so the last thing I want to do is go out of town during the holidays. We do enjoy spending family time sightseeing; last year we went to Terra Cotta Warriors at the National Geographic Museum.
—Guest Nancy

Mormon/LDS Temple Holiday Display

The Mormon/LDS Temple in Silver/Spring Kensington, right off the Beltway, is always lit up beautifully, and sometimes even has a living creche, during the holidays. Always worth a visit during the holiday season.
—Guest Mary

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Christmas Vacation Ideas for the Washington DC Area

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