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Readers Respond: News Updates - What's Your Favorite Source of Washington News?

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How do you prefer to get your news updates? Do you have a favorite Washington DC news website? Do you subscribe to an RSS feed, use a mobile phone app or do you prefer to read the print newspaper, watch television news, or listen to the radio? Share your favorite news source and tell others what you like about the way you receive your news updates.

The Post & NPR/WAMU 88.5 / WTOP

I get most of my local news from the Washington Post -- I get the daily paper, and I also occasionally look at it online or on my Blackberry. In the car, I listen to WAMU 88.5, especially Kojo Nmamdi's show. For breaking news, traffic in DC, I typically go to WTOP radio and their website.
—Guest Mary

Washington Post Daily News Brief

I subscribe to the Post's daily newsletter that gives the headlines. I don't always have time to read it but its easy to scan the headlines and I get enough to know the important things that are happening in the world.
—Guest Steve

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