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Readers Respond: Share Your New Years Resolution

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If you share your New Years resolution, you are more likely to achieve it. So tell other readers what your goal is for this year. What is your New Year's resolution and how do you plan to tackle it? If you know of Washington DC area resources that will help you, feel free to share them here.

Cook Healthier Meals for My Family

Since I work at home, I should have plenty of time to plan healthy meals for my family. But I always seem to be in a hurry and don't spend enough time planning ahead. I am going to use many of the recipes on About.com's Food and Drink websites - http://www.about.com/food/ to plan healthier meals. I will also get my teenage daughters to pick out recipes and help me with more of the cooking.


I am going to work on achieving better balance in my life, carving regular time out for friends and for myself to unwind and enjoy life!
—Guest Kathy

Influence more green gardeners.

It is so important for all of us to do our part to protect the DC area. I hope to encourage more people to "garden green". http://www.metro-dc-lawn-garden-blog.com/
—Guest Betsy Franz

Goals from Alexandria

My goals are to increase my patience with my children and run a 5k.
—Guest Caroline

Lose weight

I have a goal of losing 30 lbs this year by increasing my regular exercise and eating fewer carbs and fewer calories.
—Guest Brian

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