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Readers Respond: Favorite Sledding Spots in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

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Do you have a favorite sledding spot in the Washington DC area? Tell others about your experience. Please include the location and why this is a great place to sled. Is it a good place to take young children, or perhaps a good spot for the more adventurous?

Takoma Park Middle School

Takoma Park Middle School is the best place to sled, especially when iced over. Stone Ridge is nothing compared to this.
—Guest Lea

best sledding in PG

I grew in in Fort Washington, MD in PG County. We used to sled in Fort Washington Park down these giant hills near the old fort. It is super fun, safe and beautiful! (safe b/c there aren't cars, it's pretty steep!)
—Guest regan

Stone Ridge

Stone Ridge School on Rockville Pike in Bethesda is a fun place to sled. When we get a big snow, local families gather there and they have a pretty good size hill.

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