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Readers Respond: Reviews of Buses from Washington DC to New York City

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Have you taken the bus from Washington to New York? Did you have a good experience? Tell others what you liked and disliked about riding the bus. Please include the name of the bus company and share any helpful tips. Share Your Experience

Tripper bus

I routinely take these buses between New York and DC. Tripper bus is by far the worst experience I've had. I have never been on a Tripper Bus that has shown up on time. The customer service was terrible; I was yelled at and told to just keep waiting when my bus was already 30 minutes late. I felt mistreated and disrespected and will never take Tripper again.
—Guest Jackie

Megabus to NY

I took the Megabus from Baltimore to NYC and was pretty impressed. Both ways it was on time precisely. Having driven that route myself many times, I found that amazing because I always sit in traffic. The only thing negative I would say is don't count on the wifi. It didn't work at all one way and I had a spotty connection the other. Like any other kind of transit, the later you book your fare the more it costs, but it still beats the train or a plane by a lot.
—Guest Laureen

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Reviews of Buses from Washington DC to New York City

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